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College of humanities and management

Welcome to the College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Yu Da University of Science and Technology

Established in 2009, the College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHSS), Yu Da University of Science and Technology, aims to prepare our students for smooth entry into a highly competitive, globalized society, which places great emphasis on such virtues as initiative, self-discipline, creativity and cooperation.   

In line with our university’s mission to be a leading teaching-oriented educational institution in Taiwan, providing high-quality and valuable human resources to the industries, CHSS has chosen to focus on such areas as child care/education, health care and social work, applied languages and communication, as well as cultural and creative industry. We strive to help our students develop themselves into competent, reliable and skillful professionals so as to be able to seamlessly join the workforce as they graduate. In addition, we are also committed to inculcating students with strong intercultural literacy, humanistic concern, world vision and creative thinking.

Currently, the College comprises five academic departments and three research/teaching centers, namely, the , the Department of Applied Japanese, the Department of Chinese Communication & Culture Creativity, the Department of Child Care and Education, the Department of Health Care and Social Work, plus Research Center for Language Applications, Research Center for Family Service and Chinese Language Learning Center.

For more information about our departments/centers, faculty, curricula and facilities, please link to their websites.

For inquiries, please email to: chss@ydu.edu.tw or call +886 3 765 1188, ext. 5301.


This is a image Department of Applied Japanese

Distinguishing Characteristics

This department designs and offers some subjectmatter curriculum which bears regional characteristic of our neighboring districts so as to help them develop their communities. Aside from general and specialized curriculum, this department always encourages its students to take some cross-departmental courses in order to add useful competence other than Japanese language skills.

This department aggressively promotes internationalization in language education. It dedicates itself to reciprocal exchanges with many Japanese schools. There are three ways to implement mutually beneficial exchanges as follows:

Exchange of student: a year long or 6-month exchange; short-term visits to sister schools in Japan for language teaching workshops.

Exchange of teacher: Reciprocal visits between teachers of this department and those of Japanese sister schools. Visiting teachers come to give lectures or conduct cultural exchanges.

Academic information interchange: this department swaps academic summaries, theses, periodical journals written by teachers of this department with those of Japanese sister schools so as to fully learn the recent research direction in Japan.

Prospective Job Options
1. Culture and Education: positions responsible for publishing books on Japanese culture, or Japanese language teaching.
2. Business and Trade: Business secretaries responsible for trade between Taiwanese and Japanese companies.
3. Travel and Guide: Tour guides for Japanese tourists traveling in Taiwan, or vise versa.


This is a image Department of Child Care and Education

Distinguishing Characteristics

In responding to the need derived from modern social transformation in Taiwan, this department aims: to foster professional manpower in child-care service; to satisfy the urgent needs for child education demanded by a society where nuclear families dominate, with both parents working for living; to provide knowledge and techniques in field of infant/child care and education; to offer assistance for improving child care and education abilities for families; to implant its students with professional know-how in child care and education services; to answer the special needs for problem solving and question counseling.

Meanwhile, this department has been carrying out advanced practical training programs that aim to equip its students with multi-dimensional competences and competitiveness for obtaining promising employments.

Prospective Job Options
1. Positions in institutes that are responsible for child care and education, such as: nursery nurses, nursery administrators.
2. Positions responsible for those children who are demanding special helps such as: caretakers for children needing care and therapy at early stage, workers taking care of disable or retarded children.
3. Positions responsible for children and family welfare such as: children protection and welfare service personnel, family service personnel.
4. Other related options such as: after-school child caretakers, child entertainers, children book compliers, children public welfare organization or foundation workers.



This is a image Department of Social Work

Distinguishing Characteristics

This department main domain : social work. The ways of teaching include general teaching and long-distance teaching. The department pays much attention to practical training. During the fourth year, senior students have to work for three days per week in the institutions and will be paid. Students will become competent employees right after graduation.

Prospective Job Options
Social work: qualified social workers in the government organizations, high schools, elementary schools, and welfare institutions.



This is a image Department of Marketing & Logistics Management

Distinguishing Characteristics

This department focuses on students’ competitiveness in workplaces. The core courses include marketing management, logistics control, consumers’ behavior, logistics strategy & management, product logistic & management, promotion strategy & management, and pricing strategy & management.

In the specialized field, there are two modules--- marketing strategy and logistic control. Practice courses include enterprise diagnosis, project management, leisure industry marketing, international trade, and store retail sale.

The department has been upgrading students’ specialized capability and assists students to acquire related certificates such as TQC, LCCI Business English Class P, and international marketing Level 2.

This department plans to establish the first marketing & logistics management graduate school in northern Taiwan, offering 5-year program for students to earn both bachelor and master degrees.

Prospective Job Options
1. Marketing & innovation advertisers and product designers.
2. On-site clerks, sales, market planners, logistics controllers.
3. Mangers for manufacture industry, service industry, logistics industry, and retail sales industry.
4. Positions in company of finance & accounting, taxing & general affairs, and administrative consultant related jobs at banks and security.