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Campus Environment


 - icon Environment

     YDU was designed by prestigious architect Mr. C. Y. Lee, the very designer of the world’s tallest skyscraper “Taipei 101.” With such magnificent buildings embraced by lush trees and lawns, YDU campus is truly a pleasant garden for students’ learning and studying. A wooden graceful coffee shop stands in the midst of campus landscape with verdant grassland namely Kwang-Ya Great Meadow surrounding the classrooms and offices. This friendly environment has won YDU a reputation of being one of the most beautiful school campuses in Taiwan. 

 - icon Kwang-Ya Arts Center

     A  showcase houses one thousand pieces of calligraphy, painting, sculpture, porcelain and brass coming from home and abroad. These priceless artifacts are a life-long collection by YDU founder, Dr. Wang. This center frequently joints effort with local cultural workshops to hold periodical literature and art exhibitions, which have greatly lifted people’s knowledge about arts, and implanted humane and artistic spirits in the minds of visitors.

 - icon Learning Environment

     YDU features a digital, comprehensive learning environment, emphasizing humanity, practical training, and sources sharing. YDU has installed state-of-the-art hardware like the teaching podiums used in every classroom plus many wireless Internet boxes doting over every campus corner, making YDU the most comfortable, relaxing place for work and study. Besides wireless Internet access and optical fiber network, there are 97 professional classrooms equipped with air conditioners, a video projector, and an e-digital desk. In addition, an interpretation classroom, a group interaction language classroom, an international financial Holding and Education, and a 3-D laboratory were added in 2009 to facilitate teaching.

 - icon Electronic-Resources Library

     The floor space of the library occupies 2500 square meters. It has over 450,000 volumes of books, far exceeding 150,000 volumes books required on technology university libraries.


     Inside the library are 24 research studies, 6 audio-visual rooms, and 4 discussion rooms. The audio-visual area is a versatile learning environment, divided into Video on Demand (VOD) section, information search section, audio-visual section, mini theater, music amusement section.


 - icon Student Dormitory

     To meet the needs of those students who live on campus, YDU has three dormitories with 1663 beds. The dormitories are equipped with air conditioning, the Internet, audio-visual rooms, lounges, reading rooms, gymnasiums, table tennis areas and billiards areas, which are all well managed. The living environment here is nice and serene; YDU also built a rental-house system on the Internet to offer the latest information.


 - icon Cafeterias and Restaurants

     The places for eating and drinking on campus are broad, bright, and comfortable. YDU has cafeterias and restaurants that offer almost everything to eat and drink, which is nice and cheap for teachers and students to enjoy.

 - icon Leisure Activities

     YDU encourages extracurricular activities. YDU has more than 60 clubs, including general, service, academic, recreational and physical types. YDU also offers clubs offices and nice equipments to use. Regular evaluations of clubs are held to promote the development of the clubs.