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College of Technology and Innovation

This is a image Department of Information Management

Distinguishing Characteristics

To follow the trend of information era and through modern information technology to develop professionals, this department aims to foster students who will acquire professional know-how in the field of applied computer programming, network management, information management and the establishment of E-commerce. In addition this department offers its students assistance to win related certificates or licenses.

In teaching, this department employs two pedagogical approaches --- Case Study and Practical Top Project that can make students integrate theories with practical skills so as to develop their professional characteristic needed in future employment.

Prospective Job Options
1. Jobs in the company of information system design & development, website equipment or application system development, and digitalized content system design & development.

2. Positions responsible for system development or services.
3. Marketing specialist, customer supporter, training instructor in marketing and sale company.


This is a image Department of Marketing & Logistics Management

Distinguishing Characteristics

This department focuses on students’ competitiveness in workplaces. The core courses include marketing management, logistics control, consumers’ behavior, logistics strategy & management, product logistic & management, promotion strategy & management, and pricing strategy & management.

In the specialized field, there are two modules--- marketing strategy and logistic control. Practice courses include enterprise diagnosis, project management, leisure industry marketing, international trade, and store retail sale.

The department has been upgrading students’ specialized capability and assists students to acquire related certificates such as TQC, LCCI Business English Class P, and international marketing Level 2.

This department plans to establish the first marketing & logistics management graduate school in northern Taiwan, offering 5-year program for students to earn both bachelor and master degrees.

Prospective Job Options
1. Marketing & innovation advertisers and product designers.
2. On-site clerks, sales, market planners, logistics controllers.
3. Mangers for manufacture industry, service industry, logistics industry, and retail sales industry.
4. Positions in company of finance & accounting, taxing & general affairs, and administrative consultant related jobs at banks and security.



This is a image Department of Multimedia & Game Design

Distinguishing Characteristics

It has been mature for human to acquire digital information by getting through wide-band networks. No matter in culture, art, commerce, education and entertainment, wideband networks almost perform all media by multimedia types. Therefore, it is necessary to foster talents in area of humanistic art and digital technology application. Its curriculum is designed to implant it students with knowledge and technique in digital game and animations, which will pave way for moving into various digital content domains.

Since session 2008 this department has recruited two different freshman student teams: one is Computer Game Design, and the other, Visual Creativity. The courses for teams include four genres as follows: interactive computer program design, creativity/project planning, multimedia video and audio, and sales/ leisure. All these courses can get student familiar with most working flows of digital content industry and help students find job after they graduate.

Prospective Job Options

1. Game programmers, game software programmers.
2. Multimedia R&D engineers, multimedia software R&D engineers, multimedia programmers, FLASH multimedia programmers, multimedia application programmers. Human-computer interface engineers.
3. Fine art & game special effect artists, computer game scene artists, fine art designer, digital molders, computer graphic designer, landscape designer, security pass designer.
4. Computer animation designer, 3-D animation designer, Multimedia animation designer, advertisement animation designer, Flash animation designer, homepage designer, multimedia homepage designer, internet 
media homepage designer. interactive homepage designer.



This is a image Bachelor Degree Program of IOT Engineering and Applications

Distinguishing Characteristics

Bachelor Degree Program of IOT is aimed to provide the professionals for IOT technology and applications. The Intelligent Factory is established to meet the IOT communication industry. The practical technology of IOT industry is combined into the class instruction to enhance the teaching and learning achievement through operation and probation on real-world industry.

To confront the global economics and the development of the nation, many situation teaching models are introduced into the class to increase the professional skills and certificates of students. The cooperation and project from the industry can then be actively approached.

This program will educate students with professional skills to be familiar to the career in order to achieve the final goal of technology education.

Prospective Job Options

1. Embedded Software Engineer
2. IoT Embedded Engineer
3. DBA System Engineer
4. AI Automated Engineer
5. AI Robotic System Developer
6. APP Developer