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Brief History


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     YDU was solely founded and financed by Dr. Kwang-Ya Wang and his wife in 1999. With more than 50 years of educational experiences coupled with his lofty ideal of fostering first-class professionals in the field of business, management, and language in Taiwan, Dr. Wang came to choose the campus at a scenic village in Chaochiao Township, Miaoli County to start fulfilling his great aspiration of establishing one of the most exquisite, excellent universities in our country. 
  Under the guidance of Dr. Wang’s educational ideal, that is “Ethnics, Innovation, Quality and Performance” and his so-called “3-3-3” educational policy, faculty members and students have spared no efforts to push the school forward. As a result, YDU has attained numerous achievements in merely10 years. Its administrative function has been remarkably progressing day by day. With a yearly growth in both student population and faculty members, YDU proves itself to be a reputable school which has already been recognized by the public in Taiwan. 
  Approved by the Ministry of Education on Aug., 2009, the school changed its original name from “Yu Da College of Business” to “Yu Da University” that is now composed of 3 undergraduate schools accommodating 11 departments and 3 graduate institutes.

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